About Topguard Boerboels
We moved to our farm in West Sussex in 2006 just before the birth of our son, the land lay out compromising of different terrains was perfect for our dogs. Here in West Sussex we have 10 acres of pasture land, woodland wetland and a 1 acre lake for the summer swimmers, we back on to acres of green belt woodlands, fantastic walks for our pack.
On our Surrey farm we have over a 100 acres of arable land and another 1 acre lake for the dogs to run freely, We’re well known for being able to run all our dogs together which makes exercising our dogs a pure pleasure, our Boerboels race around their fields with our lurchers building fantastic muscle structures, this pack activity enables us to judge our dogs temperament from a very young age, our pack consists of our male and female Boerboels from vandal mooi and Roukess our eldest to Lola our youngest at present. Our 4 male lurchers a Australian cattle dog, male and female American bulldogs and our newest member bug a 6 month old male French bulldog.
Topguard kennels is known for breeding hard drive working dogs with stable temperaments for all situations the fact that we can actively run a pack of males and females of all ages and breeds is a true credit to our judge of temperaments for our breeding programme SEE THE PHOTOS IN OUR GALLERY
Our Boerboels are kept active daily being turned out at 7 am some taken for training some left to Roam freely before being tucked in for the night at 7pm we have state of the art facilities accommodation for all our dogs and pups, we have reserve kennels for all our dogs. Brick built indoor kennels with fresh water supply straight into their bowls, air conditioning in the summer and heating for the winter months, our kennels are used for bitches when in season and our old working American bulldogs, all our other dogs come and go as the please into our house, we quite often walk into our lounge to find 6+ dogs fast asleep.
Visitors are always amazed by the stable temperaments of our dogs and the good manners they have around anyone, its nice to have all our males out together for visitors to get their hands on. Our dogs are used to being on a chain for many reasons we think it can be a little bit over whelming having a 80kg dogs running at you wanting a cuddle and for work. Here at top guard we work all our dogs.
2008 was a very exciting year for us we are the first ever kennels in the UK to have a dog to score in the 90’s, we have 5 males scoring from 93.2%-90%, 3 of which we bred ourselves. We are the highest scoring kennels in the UK with some of the lowest health scores, our lines are the best from all over the world. The dogs score and ages at time of appraisal are on their pages.
Some are quick to judge new people in this breed some have judged and spoken very freely of their opinions without very much thought we would like to say the proof now is in our pudding!
We hope you enjoy looking through our web site please contact us to arrange coming to see our dogs.
All the very best Topguard Kennels.