Topguard American Bulldogs
Here at Topguard Kennels we breed and work most breeds of the molosser (bull and mastiff), specialising in the American Bulldog and the South African Boerboel. All of the dogs we breed come from true working stock and are of the highest standard in both structure and temperament.
All of our dogs mix very well with other dogs and animals, and are very people friendly - yet they still maintain all the drive and temperament of a true working dog, wether for personal protection, guard work, hunting and working the land, or just as a good old family pet.
All Topguard American Bulldogs have hip scores below 12, and undergo a sequence of temperament tests before breeding.
Working American Bulldogs
The uses for the American Bulldog for work are endless as they are a very intelligent and adaptable breed that can be used for pretty much any job under the hand of a persistent trainer. Topguard have trained and worked dogs in many areas in the security and guarding industry, and have even trained one as a gun dog - he worked the hedges and retrieved as well as any Spaniel, retrieved from water like a Labrador, and worked very well with the other dogs on pursuit.
Topguard's main line of work with the American Bulldogs is guarding and personal protection / security, and for these purposes American Bulldogs truly excel.
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