Boerboel Breeding
Summer 2013 breedings
Here at Topguard kennels to maintain a high level of service, upon breeding age all our males have their semen evaluated before being frozen and stored for world wide shipping or for artificial insemination for the odd occasions that a natural mating cannot take place.
By 1 year of age a healthy dog will have a high level of fertility, the evaluations consist of recording the volume of semen produced, concentration, quality, motility and speed of progression. Each male offered at stud has to meet a high standard of fertility before being offered at stud.
Our frozen semen can be shipped by UK Clone to selected bitches only, chilled semen kits can be purchased and used without any training some basic knowledge of breeding is important, chilled kits are ideal for artificial insemination of bitch within short distances.
Like transporting all live stock this process can take some time to organise please make sure you give yourself enough time. Some countries maybe be subject to quarantine laws.
To see scheduled and current breeding programmes here at TopGuard Boerboels click the following link BOERBOEL BREEDING - BOERBOEL PUPS - SOUTH AFRICAN BOERBOEL PUPPIES
Have any questions? Either give us a call on 07880 798 442 or send us an email at We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.