Topguards Charlie
  • 201000002
  • HIPS-A.A
  • DOB-01.06.2007
  • BI TPI 94.75%
  • EBBASA 93.00%
Topguard’s Charlie I bred from Mooi and Anton, Charlie is a massive dog he has a enormous head and bone structure, Charlie stands 27 inches to the shoulder and weighs 90KG. Charlie has fantastic movement and is very muscular. As a family dog Charlie is a gentle giant and never leaves my sons side. He is a impassable guard dog yet still very sociable when introduced to guests. Charlie alike all our dogs mixes very well with all dogs male and female.
Charlie like his grandfather Roukess if one of those dogs who leave you lost for words everyone who meets him is lost for words and instantly wants him or a puppy from him. Charlie has proven to produce puppies of the highest quality.
We offer Charlie at stud natural mating’s can be arranged we also offer semen to be chilled and frozen for shipment all around the world. We work with a frozen semen expert who heath checks all collection before they are shipped for the best possible result.