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Our love affair with the Boerboel breed is now in its 20th year, we remember our first litter of Boerboel puppies as if it were yesterday.

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About us

We are Topguard Kennels, the Number one boerboel breeder in the UK, renowned international breeders of the magnificent South African Boerboel local to Horsham, West Sussex. Nestled in beautiful West Sussex countryside our purpose-built facilities sit within ten acres of farmland, open meadows, woodland and a 1-acre lake, which is why it’s the perfect location to call home for our family of Boerboel dogs.

We are a family run business, and our love affair with the Boerboel breed is now in its 20th year, we remember our first litter of Boerboel puppies as if it were yesterday. We pride ourselves on breeding the best quality Boerboels with our focus, being health, conformation and temperament. Our passion is producing the best dog for our client’s needs, whether that’s a family guardian and protector for your home, a show dog or working dog. This is what makes us the best boerboel breeder in the UK

Our ten-acre property in Horsham provides plenty of space for our Boerboels to enjoy free running, group exercising and most importantly, play time. We also make good use of our direct access to the local bridlepaths and Downs Link, a 37 mile disused railway line that links the Surrey Hills and South Downs, and now a route for walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

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Want One?

If you’re interested in owning a South African Boerboel then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll be introduced to our Boerboel family, young and old. You will find all the information you’ll need on owning a South African Boerboel and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We strive to produce the healthiest Boerboel pups possible and continually work with breeders from across the globe to ensure healthy lines of Topguard dogs.

We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of 10 beautiful puppies from Topguards Ava & Bostu Zeron! Reservations are now open and we have availability on females from this litter. The puppies were born over 800g and are remarkably strong, with a very deep red coat. These will be available to leave at the end of March 2024. Please call Mark on 07880798442 for more information.

Topguards Ava

Ava is a stunning female who really does carry a lot of her dad Orion’s characteristics. She has great conformation, movement and an incredible temperament. She is a substantially built female and is already following in her dad’s footprints by winning Sub Junior Female in the Championship. 

Bostu Zeron

Zeron is an absolutely outstanding male, one of the best we’ve seen in over 22 years of breeding. Zeron was imported from South Africa from world renowned kennels ‘Bostu’ by a friend of ours. As soon as we saw him we knew we had to incorporate him into our breeding programme. Zeron has remarkable structure, he’s over 70cm tall, over 80kg and is still a juvenile male. He has a tremendous shape with a huge blocky head keeping that traditional working boerboel appearance.

We are very pleased to announce the safe arrival of Topguards Slug and Middelpos Amy puppies. The line breeding behind Slug has really shown through on his offspring and he’s managed to produce a litter of mini Slug’s! We have availability on males from this litter and they will be ready to leave for their new homes at the beginning of March 2024. If you would like any more information please call Mark on 07880798442

Topguards Slug

Slug is a very large male standing just over 28 inches (ttw) and weighing around 90kg. Slug is a son of Topguards Delta, bred to Topguards Ronnie with 6 generations of Topguard breeding behind him.

This boy is so soft natured and gentle with all our family and pets. His amazing temperament always makes him a favourite for visitors. Slug went through the appraisal system in 2022 by the legendary South African appraiser Thys Von Solms and scored a very respectable 87%L.

Middelpos Amy

Amy is a very large and powerful female who we imported from ‘Middelpos’ kennels in South Africa. She’s a very substantial female with great bone and muscle definition. Amy’s previous litter was to Orion which produced some exceptional juveniles such as Topguards Floki & Topguards Flunder.

our puppies

We strive to produce the healthiest Boerboel pups possible and continually work with breeders from across the globe to ensure healthy lines of Topguard dogs.

How To Buy

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If you’re looking to offer a Topguard Boerboel a home, we work from a waiting list as most of our litters are booked long before they’re born. We invite all prospective Boerboel parents to come and visit us at Topguard Kennels to meet our family of dogs. This gives you the opportunity to view the kennels facilities and spend time interacting with the dogs and any puppies we have at the time. We like to discuss what our clients are looking for in their future pup and family member, what type of temperament they’re looking for and answer any questions you may have about the breed or any of our dogs. We can then advise on the best combination to consider a puppy from based on your needs.

Learn About Boerboels

We’ve always got mixed emotions when saying goodbye to our puppies, so once they’re in their new homes we like to keep up to date with their progress. We feel very privileged to be able to follow our puppies on their journey through life and love the regular feedback and photos we receive from our clients.

Owning a Boerboel is a great experience and there really is no other breed quite like them. A well-bred, healthy Boerboel is a great dog for a family companion. From the moment you bring your puppy home the fun begins; they will be the family’s clown always on hand to act a fool and make you smile. A Boerboel will develop an amazing bond with the children of the family, you’ll find your Boerboel puppy has a gentle loving nature, is extremely affectionate and love cuddles, but watch out, as they can be a tad mischievous. The Boerboel is incredibly loyal with a courageous and territorial nature, their natural instinct is to protect their home and loved ones with all their might.

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Come and see us at events across the UK

The Topguard Team will be attending events over the year, so keep checking back to see where we’ll be next.

Upcoming events

Previous events

Paws in the Park at Ardingly Show ground
20/21st May 2023

Boerboel GB Show
July 2022 – Topguard Kennels, Horsham

Accolades from the Boerboel GB Show

Topguards Cuthbert

Winner of the 18–24-month-old male class then went on to become Reserve Champion.

Afrika Beast

2nd place in the 18–24-month-old male class.

Topguards Lenny

3rd place in the 18–24-month-old male class.


Winner of the 2–5-year-old male adult class then went on to become Grand Champion “Dog Of The Day”.

Middelpos Pablo

2nd place 2–5-year-old male.

Topguards Nugget

3rd place 2–5-year-old female class.

Topguards Ava

Sub Junior Female Champion. Topguards Ava - winner of the 6–9-month-old female class then went on to win Sub Junior Female in Championship rounds.

Topguards Jekyll

Winner of the 15–18-month-old male class then went on to win Junior Male in the championship round.

Topguards Ruff

Winner of the 12–15-month-old male class.

Our Reviews

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How do I book a visit to see Topguard Kennels facilities & dogs?

We welcome visitors to our kennels with open arms and always encourage any future clients to meet us and our dogs.

If you’re serious about getting a Boerboel and new to the breed, we strongly recommend you spend some time with us. We will introduce you to our dogs, so you can interact with them and see their nature firsthand. We’ll be able to show you around our facilities and answer any questions you have about becoming an owner of a Boerboel.

We are happy to accommodate weekdays and weekend appointments. Please call us on 07880 798442 or send us an email via our contact us page.

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Experience the magnificent

We could write pages about what it’s like to own a Boerboel, but words simply don’t match the experience.

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