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Stud Dogs & Semen

Can Topguard stud dogs be booked for outside mating?

We have spent many years developing the Topguard bloodline, so we are very careful in selecting the right female and stud dog for planned breeding’s both inside and outside of our family.

Fresh semen and AI’s are available from most of our stud dogs to approved females. If you have seen a Topguard male that you like or have something particular in mind and have a female that you think might be suitable, please contact us on 07880 798442 or pop us an email.

Topguard chilled or frozen semen

Most of our stud dogs are available for chilled and frozen semen in the UK and internationally. We currently have stored frozen semen from Orion, Afrika Dune, La Boela Dodge and Middlepos Pablo in the USA and Australia.
Our semen is handled by an experienced reproductive vet – UK Clone. Upon collecting the semen from our sires, it is assessed for viability and morphology (the shape, size, and health of the sperm cells) to ensure the quality of each batch. Each sample of semen sold will have a specialist report confirming the quality of the sperm and post thaw report confirming credibility.

What happens if my female doesn’t conceive?

In the unfortunate event that a female does not conceive from a fresh/natural breeding a repeat breeding to the same female on her next heat cycle will be offered. However, the collection and shipping costs will not be included due to the viability of the sperm being confirmed prior to export (the fault will not be due to the quality of the sperm).

There are several reasons a breeding may not result in pregnancy or may affect a female’s fertility, including mistiming, underlying medical problem or the condition of the dog.

Please Note:

A breeding is classed as successful if the female conceives and becomes pregnant. Topguard Kennels holds no responsibility on the size of the litter or any possible implications at the time of birth.

We can only allow one breeding from our deceased dog’s sperm to protect our stocks – if a female does not conceive, replacement sperm will be from a different living dog.

Our prices:

Living dogs: £3000 plus shipping
Deceased dogs: Price on application

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our Stud Service.

How to buy a Boerboel

We pride ourselves on being an ethical breeder of South African Boerboels. We invest a lot of time, love, and care into our family of Boerboels, therefore like to ensure our puppies and their new parents are carefully matched to make certain they get the best and most suitable homes. It’s important to know that a Topguard Boerboel puppy is the right dog for you and that you are the right owner for a Topguard puppy. Once you have learnt about the breed or met your first Boerboel, it’s a common reaction to get excited and start making plans. All we ask is that you consider the purchase of a Boerboel seriously. Owning a dog of any breed is a big commitment.

If you’re looking to offer a Topguard Boerboel a home, we work from a waiting list as most of our litters are booked long before they’re born. We invite all prospective Boerboel parents to come and visit us at Topguard Kennels to meet our family of dogs. This gives you the opportunity to view the kennels facilities and spend time interacting with the dogs and any puppies we have at the time. We like to discuss what our clients are looking for in their future pup and family member, what type of temperament they’re looking for and answer any questions you may have about the breed or any of our dogs. We can then advise on the best combination to consider a puppy from based on your needs.

We are on hand to offer support throughout all the key development stages of your puppy’s life, from selecting the right puppy or answering any questions about health, training, exercise or feeding. We are trusted by clients all over the world to select their puppy for them and as you can see from some of the kind words from our clients, they are always happy with the pup they receive.
Many breeders offer a money back guarantee for any pup purchased that develops hereditary health problems. We don’t offer this as we know our Boerboels have been bred from the best female and stud dog pairing to ensure they are healthy and kept within the traditional lines of the Boerboel breed. All our dogs are health tested, have their appraisals done around 12 to 15 months of age and are fully DNA tested.

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How to join our waiting list

 To join our waiting list, we require a £200 deposit. Please complete our short application form, so that we can contact you to discuss what you’re looking for in your new pup, take payment and confirm your place on our list.

We don’t feel the need to ask you a plethora of questions to join our waiting list. We prefer the old-fashioned method of finding out about you and what you’re after in a dog, so we’ll arrange a suitable time to call you. If you are overseas, it may be easier to message via Whatsapp.

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boerboel transport & shipping

Transport & Shipping

Can you ship a Boerboel puppy to other countries?

Ideally, we would prefer our puppies to be collected by their new puppy parents, but this isn’t always possible. We have customers from all over the globe, from the North of England to Australia, Hawaii, USA, Trinidad, Tobago and beyond.
Needless to say, we have accrued many years’ experience transporting and shipping our dogs by road, sea or air for our UK and International clients. We are meticulous in our process, as we need to ensure our pups and adult dogs have a stress free and safe journey to their new forever home.

We work closely with our transport and shipping associates of many years, to make sure any export regulations, health and veterinarian criteria are met, as these are often different depending on which country we are shipping to. We will also look for the best route and mode of transport for your new pup or adult dog, whether that by road freight or air freight.

How much does it cost to transport or ship my new puppy?

Preparing a puppy or adult dog for export has additional costs involved due to the varying requirements.

It’s impossible to give an exact cost for shipping as it depends on so many factors. If you are interested in a Topguard puppy or adult dog ready for retirement and you live outside of the UK, please contact us.
Note: If we are shipping a dog to a country that requires Rabies vaccinations, the puppy cannot be shipped until a minimum of 13 weeks, in some cases it can be 16 weeks or over if there is a mandated time to wait post Rabies vaccination for the destination country.

When shipping a puppy, adult dog, or semen to an overseas client, we require all payments to be paid and cleared in full.
We are only able to accept funds transferred to our UK bank from countries and bank accounts that are part of the SWIFT banking system and that have an IBAN number.

Transportation & shipping of chilled or frozen semen

All our stud males are available with chilled or frozen semen outside of the UK.
We have stored frozen semen at locations in the USA and Australia.
Please contact us for further details and shipping costs.

Costs and preparations that need to be considered are:

  • 2nd Vaccinations
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Vet Health Examination
  • Additional Worming treatment
  • Additional Kenneling (8 weeks to 13 weeks)
  • Pre-Flight Vet Health Examination (Fit to fly)
  • Transfer of puppy (or adult) to and from Airport
  • Export Certificate (Country Specific)
  • Blood Tests (Country Specific)
  • Titre Tests (Country Specific)
boerboel transport & shipping

Some of the countries you’ll find Topguard dogs

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How do I book a visit to see Topguard Kennels facilities & dogs?

We welcome visitors to our kennels with open arms and always encourage any future clients to meet us and our dogs.

If you’re serious about getting a Boerboel and new to the breed, we strongly recommend you spend some time with us. We will introduce you to our dogs, so you can interact with them and see their nature firsthand. We’ll be able to show you around our facilities and answer any questions you have about becoming an owner of a Boerboel.

We are happy to accommodate weekdays and weekend appointments. Please call us on 07880 798442 or send us an email via our contact us page.